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What it means being a mom to nature driven children

I wouldn't trade having nature driven children for anything. I love the constant adventures and excitements I see on their face every time they see a bird. I love learning along side of them because this is not just their journey it is mine too, our journey together.

A little insight why I try to get outside with my kiddos everyday.. because when they are inside, they are crazy! It's as simple as that!

What it means being a mom to nature driven children...

It means your house is always a mess because you rather be outside.

Your kids rather have snacks instead of meals.

It means when they see a puddle, they ARE jumping in it.

It means forget about clean nice clothes because they will destroy every outfit.

It means being half naked most of the time.

You will have rocks and sticks in your car, house, stroller, purse, backpack and bed.

You will use nature materials for crafts instead of going out and buying some.

It means you will forever have a change of clothes in your car for each child and probably yourself.

You will make sure you hike closer to sunset to witness those beautiful colors.

It means you yourself will learn because of all the questions you have to google because "I'm not sure" isn't good enough for your children.

You will start buying nature books to ensure your child isn't eating something poisonous.

It means when you go to goodwill and see a wooden tray you think how you can incorporate it on your nature table.

It means you will have a million pictures of your children exploring the same nature center because it never gets old.

Your friends will most likely look at you funny when you are at the park and yell out to your kids "guys come look at this poop, what animal do you think it belongs to"

It means having to say "please don't eat that dirt" a hundred times.

Your house will be filled with nature finds like: pine cones, dead flowers, leaves, rocks and sticks; because you can not dare to throw away a rotting stick that looks like a hammer, "he's part of the family"

And you know what, enjoy every second because it is all worth seeing your child build up their confidence and walk across a log all by themselves.

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