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There is so much pressure that goes into "once a year family photos" that usually stays on peoples fridges or walls all year long. The most stressful part seems to be what to wear. Planning 3+ outfits, shopping, stressing and shopping some more. Then having to put together the perfect color combination for 3, 4, 6 people can drive you crazy.

Hopefully these 10 tips help you find the perfect outfits with ease.

1. CHOOSE ONE OUTFIT YOU LOVE FIRST - I suggest doing your shopping (if need be) several weeks beforehand and find ONE outfit you really love, whether it is an outfit for you, your daughter, son or husband. That way you have a base and can plan all other outfits around that one.

2. DRESS ACCORDINGLY TO THE WEATHER - You have an absolutely adorable dress for your daughter, she's not worn it yet and it finally fits perfectly, but, the shoot day is 55 degrees and windy. I highly recommend not selecting that outfit for the shoot. Your child will be cold and unlike us they can not hold it together quickly for a picture. Instead all the pictures her face will show exactly how cold she is.

3. PATTERNS - Rule of thumb is stick with one or two people in subtle patterns and the rest in solids.

You don't want too much going on in the photo that it takes away from your faces and your beautiful family. Too many patterns can also be too much with the background, it very well might class and be too much.

4. PICK A COLOR SCHEME - For family pictures, it helps to have complementary colors, so picking a color scheme you like works best. I would say 2-3 main colors. (for example - tan, grey, blue, white, maroon.) and then adding some pops of colors looks really good in photos.

Stay consistent with color palettes, but don't match.

5. YOUR PHOTOGRAHERS EDITING STYLE - You've picked me as your photographer, you love my work and editing style, now you need to think of colors that might look good with my editing style. I have more muted colors with muted pops of color. So earthy tones like maroon, mustard, forest green, red, light blue, navy look best.

6. THINK TEXTURE - Adding a lace on a dress, suspenders, scarf, headband, chunky necklace, vest or jacket gives the photo a little texture. Now if you are adding more than 2 patterns, I would suggest skipping this step. Again, we don't want too much going on. If you are not sure, bring it along and I will let you know my professional opinion on shoot day or message me beforehand.

7. NO GRAPHICS - Graphic shirts can be very distracting in photos, so even though your son might LOVE his monster truck shirt, it is best to just say no for these photos.

8. CONSIDER THE BACKGROUND AND LOCATION - If you are at a Christmas tree farm think sweaters and plaids and if you're at the beach perhaps white, flowy attire. Have an idea of where you'll be shooting and what type of aesthetic you're going for. Make a Pinterest board of photos you like to share with your photographer so you have the same vision.

9. LAY IT OUT AND TAKE A PICTURE - You've found so many cute outfits for everyone to wear and have narrowed it down to 2. Now is the time to lay is out (on the floor or bed) and take a picture. You will be able to see if it is appealing to the eye when it all comes together. If something looks off, move some stuff around until you are happy with the overall look.

10. HAVE CONFINDENCE - Be confident in the clothing you chose for everyone! Everyone will look great!! Have fun and enjoy the memories that you're making! Just do you, have fun and it will reflect in the photos. Don't stress about everyone looking at the same time, or little Suzy not picking her nose, just engage with each and have fun!!

If you still have any questions, please feel free to message me!

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